[REVIEW] Etude House Blend for4 Eyes in #01 Dried Rose 

I bought this eyeshadow palette because I was looking for a fall appropriate eyeshadow palette for my trip to Osaka but I decided that it will eat up a lot of time if I do a complete make up look every single day. So I brought my Guerlain Petrouchka palette instead. 

About the product: The easy but dramatic change by blending! the more you blend, the deeper and the more natural your eyes become. Daily look you can apply everyday! Because of the perfect combination of 4 color, you don’t need to hesitate.

total weight is 42g, it is 8g per shadow. 

At the back of the packaging, there is a simple instruction of layering colors into the eyelid using a finger or a brush. 

This is a pretty eyeshadow quad as long as you are creating a gradient look. I find it difficult to work for me if i try to create halo eyes, it will look as if I a drug addict or a crazy lady. 

Pigmentation on this shadows are great shadows are not too soft nor too hard to the touch and is very pigmented. There is also very little fall out in these shadows.

finger swatch, no flash

finger swatch, with flash

The color, rose bouquet is so gorgeous and is the reason why I picked up this quad. My problem with this color is that it can look patchy with a brush. As for the three other colors, I have not encountered any problems.

This is cheaper if purchased online, around $14? I purchased this through my local Etude House counter here in the Philippines. 


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