[REVIEW] Essence Pure Nude Highligher 

I think I have reached the peak of my highlighting game when I bought my Laura Mercier Matt highlighter. It was everything I wanted in a highlighter minus the price tag. So when I found out from a facebook beauty page that the local Essence Cosmetics counter stocked up on the Essence Pure Nude Highlighter, I ran and prayed to the makeup gods. Mind you, it was out of stock for 6 freaking months! 

About the product: reflection of light! the spotlight is on the highlighter in the popular NUDE family. The soft, baked powder texture with a slightly marbled effect brings a subtle shimmer to the face. Ideal for a healthy look with a glow! 

I think Essence’s website is high lol. 

I took this photo in a hurry, I am sorry. 

Many people over the internet have mentioned that looks underwhelming on the pan BUT I really think even on the pan it is stunning. 

The shade is more on the peachy golden side. Comparably warmer than the Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Highligher in 01. 

pan comparison 

 left: pure nude highlight right: matte radiance highlight

left: matte radiance highlight right: pure nude highlight

I am sorry my swatch is blurred. I just hope that you can see the color very well. From the arm swatch, the pure nude highlighter shows off as a deeper peachy golden tone with fine shimmer. while it is too early to say whether this will replace my Laura Mercier as my favorite highlighter, I love love love the price tag on this one! 

Essence Pure Nude Highlighter is available at SM department store and Watson’s drugstore. It retails for P379.00. 



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