[REVIEW] Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Natural Perfection Skin-fusion Texture Foundation

I am back with a review! yaaaaay I actually missed writing for this blog and I held on to the products that I accumulated in the past few month. I have a few items to review so I am hoping I could churn out as much review as I can. 

I am a foundation/ concealer junkie and I have been searching for a good foundation ever since I started wearing make up 8 years ago. This foundation got me really excited because it felt really good on the skin when I swatched it in the store. The bottle is ultra luxurious with the gold Guerlain logo on top.

About the product: Guerlain’s Lingerie de Peau turns the dream of a perfect foundation into reality – so skin-fusing and natural that it can’t be felt, can’t be seen. Its fresh, light texture glides onto the contours of the face like a second skin to enhance beauty naturally, without artifice, all day long. 

Guerlain Technology, Bio-Fusion micro-mesh, an unprecedented combination of contouring and smoothing stretch fibres with natural silk and linen fibres that are in total affinity with skin. Hydrating agents bring softness and comfort throughout the day.  

Lingerie de Peau is offered in a universal range comprising 18 ultra-natural shades for every skin tone: cool, neutral and warm. 

Lingerie de Peau is sold in a 30 ml pump dispenser. IP 20.

Since Guerlain is a perfume maker even the fragrance of the foundation was described on the website. 

Fragrance: Lingerie de Peau has a distinctive and delicate floral scent. The first peach note blended with an accord of vegetal notes is fresh and sparkling. The rose, raspberry and jasmine heart is enriched with a powdery base of balsamic, benzoin and white musk.

I got the color 02W or Clair Dore (Light Medium). 

On the website, the preferred application method is for the foundation to be blended using the fingertips or a brush but I find that it look a little bit heavy with a brush so I would rather apply it with a damp beauty blender for a more natural finish. 

This is a medium to full coverage foundation and it is buildable. 

A little goes a long way with this as I found myself using just one pump for the entire face. I would dot it on the center of my face and blend outward with a damp beauty blender. Since it is buildable, I will use what is left onthe back of hand to go over the spots I want to cover before going over it with a concealer. Well if there is just a teeny bit left I will pick it up with a beauty blender. 

As the name implies, it is a smoothening foundation and it feels so luxurious. Once it sets on the skin, it has a sort of smooth velvet finish. Kind of like how silicone primers feel on the skin. Because of that, I think the formula of this foundation has a lot of silicone in it since it is a smoothening foundation. My skin initially hated it as I got a few bumps on my initial wear. It eventually got better but I must warn those who are sensitive to silicone. Prolonged wear might cause irritations on the skin since I got a few bumps here and there after wearing it for 12 hours. 

02W swatched on my arm no flash 

02W swatched on my arm with flash 

I promise it looks great after application. I do have some issues with it – which – I will discuss later on in this post. The scent of the foundation lingers for a while but not in a suffocating way. 

02W blended, no flash 

02W blended, with flash 

There are 18 shades, which I think is a pretty good selection. 

My thoughts on the product: On initial application it is gorgeous. It is basically my skin in the bottle but as the day goes by it oxidized and turned quite ashy. 

Yes, my skin is quite acidic but I didnt expect that it would look ashy by the end of the day. I wear my makeup for 10 – 12 hours so I do quitr abuse my foundation but I love my NARS foundation, it just lives up to my expectations. 

I do not think the color matched with me was bad at all. swatched on my arm it is a perfect match and as I said, upon initial application I look bright and fresh and oh my god it looks gorgeous despite the fact that it is half shade lighter than my skin. 

As for the price, it retails for $63 in the Sephora website. 

Will I repurchase? Yes, in a darker shade and neutral undertone. I am willing to give it one more try and maybe then I will give up if it turn ashy again.

If you are wondering why I didnt just had it exchanged, I lost my receipt. huhu so I can’t. 


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