[What’s in my make-up bag] June edition

I think my make-up bag is dependent on so many many factors. 

The weather, how long I will be out, how much time I have to do my make up and where I will be going. 

Since this week is the start of my classes, I am bringing a whole lot of stuff because I have a long day, from 8 am to 10 pm. 

I am in the middle of tweaking my everyday carry and I will update everybody after I have adjusted to my school schedule because to be honest, I am still in vacation mode. 

Anyway, on to my everyday carries.

I carry three bags of beauty related products.

I carry brushes with me now because somehow my body just can’t wake up earlier than 6:30 am and I have to correct that. 

L-R: unbranded double sided brush I use for my brows, Real Techniques concealer brush (came in a set) that I use as an eyeshadow brush, Etude House crease brush, Suesh Fluffy blending brush (it came in a set), Real Techniques contour brush, Real Techniques buffing brush, Marrionaud Powder brush. 

I am very much satisfied with the brushed I am carrying. Do I need to trim down the number of brushes I am carrying? Yes. I definitely will. I will edit my everyday carry for next week to make my bag lighter to accommodate other things. 

next is my miscellaneous items. 

In the photo: wet wipes, cologne in Vanilla, tooth paste, tooth brush, and two medicine pouches. 

I like this brand of wet wipes because the scent is gentle but I think it just works as well as other wet wipes brand that I have used. I use these constantly for anything that need quick cleansing. 

The cologne, I love Vanilla scents – not particularly this brand – but I prefer carrying a small bottle than a big spritz bottle or a fancy glass perfume bottle. This cologne is perfect for touch ups through out the day. Especially that sweet scents tend to fade with heat. Regardless if its an expensive bottle or a cheap bottle of perfume, vanilla scents do not last that long. This literally smells like newly baked doughnut/cupcake. 

The meds that I carry with me. I have meds for stomach ache, sore throat, acid reflux, muscle pains, headache,motion sickness, and colds. 

Before, I carry an extra pair of undies. I think I will start doing that again once the rainy season kick in. 

lastly, is my make-up bag

In photo: Laneige BB cushion, Maybelline colorsensational in Touch of Spice, Maybelline Hyper Liner in Black, Maybelline Lash Sensational, Maybelline Velvet Matte in Mat12, Angel Color Wonder collect powder, Sleek Solstice Highlighting palette, Sleek Face Form palette in fair, Kanebo KATE Tokyo designing eyebrow N, Kanebo KATE Tokyo Eyebrow Pencil N, L’oreal La Nude Palette in Rose 01, Etude House Eyebrow mascara, Maybelline FitMe concealer. 

That was tiring! I thought I won’t be able to type all of that! 

Most of these I have already reviewed. Some are still going to be reviewed. 

Do you carry as much make up as I do? I’d like to hear from you! 


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